Conference SIGNALS 2020

The National Audit Office of Lithuania (NAOL) invites to the 4th international conference on sustainable development of the State SIGNALS 2020. The topics of this year’s conference were dictated by global realities and priority areas of the NAOL activity:

  • Plenary session. (DO) WE SEE THE TRUE PICTURE (?)
  • Parallel session. (IS) EVERY STUDENT IMPORTANT (?)
  • Parallel session. (DO) I CARE ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE (?)

In the Plenary session (DO) WE SEE THE TRUE PICTURE (?) we will invite to discuss data and its importance to public administration areas. Lithuanian and international speakers will present their national practices, share their insights on why it is important to rely on objective data that is representative of the whole, to be able to understand and interpret it correctly. This session will also include awards given to public sector auditors for innovative solutions in the audit process. In the Parallel session (IS) EVERY STUDENT IMPORTANT (?) we will talk about the necessity to ensure the availability of a high-quality education system to each student, regardless of their economic situation or place of residence. UNESCO and OECD experts will share insights about the impact of the education system innovations on the quality of education; the results of the audit “Do Changes in Education Lead to Better Achievements of Students” conducted by the NAOL will be presented. In the Parallel session (DO) I CARE ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE (?) we will discuss with experts from the European Court of Auditors, the European Environment Agency and the Norwegian Climate Foundation what challenges countries face and what measures they implement to reduce climate change. Representatives of the NAOL will review the climate change reduction targets for Lithuania and the progress in their implementation. During the connecting sessions SIGNALS FOR CHANGE that will take place during breaks, we will hear the experience of representatives of various organisations, experts in their fields, whose activities are related to sessions’ topics, and their expectations for change.

In the Closing session SIGNALS FOR CHANGE members of the academic community, public figures and representatives of the NAOL will summarise the signals they heard at the conference and share their personal insights.

Considering possible limitations related to COVID-19, this year we plan to organise SIGNALS 2020 both as a live event* (complying with safety recommendations) and also to move it to virtual space. Live streaming of the conference will be available at; here you will soon find more information about the conference and later on – conference materials as well.

*the location of the event will be specified.